HR-Payroll System

Office Part (Admin)

  • High secure login system
  • Add New Department
  • Can review department details
  • Update/Edit department details
  • Add New Designation
  • Can review designation details
  • Update/Edit designation details
  • Send email notification
  • Send SMS notification
  • Approve for leave
  • Dismiss leave application
  • Can overview employee leave
  • Can search employee status

Employee Part (Admin)

  • Add Employee
  • Upload employee image
  • Review all employee information
  • Search employee by different ways
  • Modify/Update employee information
  • Upload necessary document of employee
  • Download employee information as PDF format
  • Change employee password
  • Search Blood group
  • Review own profile
  • Update own profile
  • Also change own password
  • Upload image/necessary document for own profile

Payroll Part (Admin)

  • Add employee salary as payee
  • Review all employee salary
  • Modify/Update employee salary information
  • Search employee salary status
  • Search office’s all employee salary status
  • Search salary sheet
  • Generate employee salary
  • Download salary sheet as PDF format
  • Print Employee salary sheet
  • Generate employee overtime
  • Print employee overtime payment sheet
  • Review employee overtime report
  • Can block employee for login
  • Can also remove block for employee login

Employee Features
  • Secure Login System
  • Own Profile Details
  • Update own profile
  • Get notice board
  • Search Blood group
  • Upload or change own photo
  • Upload common document (PDF)
  • Can download profile as PDF format
  • Get email notification
  • Can see salary details
  • Can see salary status
  • Search previous salary status
  • Can remark other employee
  • Apply for leave
  • Can see current leave application status
  • Can withdraw current leave application
  • Can overview own remain leave
  • Can search total used leave
  • Can Modify current leave application
  • Get notification leave application
  • Can upload necessary document of leave

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