Accounts & Finance

Voucher Part

  • Entry Debit/Credit voucher
  • Voucher search
  • See any expense details
  • Update voucher information
  • Voucher print
  • Download voucher as PDF format
Cash Book Part
  • Cash book review
  • Cash book income details review
  • Cash book expense details review
  • Cash report by date ways
  • Daily cash statement report
Ledger Book Part
  • Ledger book review
  • Ledger report by date ways
  • Modern ledger book review
  • Modern ledger report by date ways
  • Accounts head wage reports

Balance Sheet Part

  • Trail balance sheet
  • Balance sheet report
  • Profit and lost report
Accounts Reports Part
  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Daily cash statement report
  • Person accounting statement
  • Asset & Liability reports
  • Creditor Accounts Statement
  • Creditors balance reports
  • Debtor Accounts Statement
  • Debtors balance reports
Additional Part
  • Add new Creditor
  • Update creditor information
  • Add new debtor
  • Update new debtor information
  • Get notice board
  • Get email notification

Secure Part

  • Secure Login System
  • Own Profile Details
  • Update own profile
  • Three times wrong password for login, user will be block for 15 mins
  • Using Session & Cookies to improve secure login system
  • Forget Password : reset password by email verification with verify code
  • High Secure Login System: MySql query will be injection protect Auto detect user IP address, browser, OS(Operating System) and etc.

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